Reconnaissance Blind Chess

Building a Bot

You can obtain a python implementation of the RBC game and simple example bots by following our Python package documentation. This includes easy-to-use python scripts to connect your python bots to the competition server. The source code for this library is available on GitHub

If you would like to write a bot in a language other than Python or prefer a lower level of control, we also provide a simple HTTP RESTful API to interact with the competition server, and the python implementation of a client can be used as a reference.

Please report any bugs you observe to

Available Bot Code

In addition to the example bots provided in the reconchess library, code for various Reconnaissance Blind Chess bots and tools can be found online. Participants are welcome to use published code for our competitions as long as the code's owners permit its use. Of course, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has not endorsed any of this external code or other linked material. Use at your own desire and risk.