Reconnaissance Blind Chess

NeurIPS 2022 Competition

We are hosting an AI tournament for Reconnaissance Blind Chess as a part of NeurIPS 2022, and anyone is welcome to participate! The competition will be held virtually starting on October 19th, 2022.

There is no cost to enter the tournament. Winners will receive a small monetary prize and authors of the best bots and most interesting approaches (potentially even with poor performance) will be invited talk about their AIs at NeurIPS, the world's largest AI conference. We encourage everyone to participate no matter how well they expect their bot to perform.

Use the links on the left to see more details including schedule and rules.

Tournament overview

Bots authored by competitors will play time-controlled games against one another in a multi-round, round-robin tournament. Bots will play up to 4 games at once, starting on October 19th and continuing for about 1 week. Each bot will play against each other bot hundreds of times, equally split by piece color. Results will be viewable live on this website. The bot with the highest Elo at the end of all games is the winner! More details are available on the rules page.

Information and Competition Registration

To participate, register an account and then sign up for competition emails using the button on this page. We will email registration and connection instructions for the practice and final tournaments as they approach. However, you can build a bot and compete against others at any time on this website!

By clicking the button below and confirming your account information, you sign up for tournament-related emails from the competition organizers. This step is necessary for NeurIPS tournament registration, but it is not a commitment to participate.

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