Reconnaissance Blind Chess

RBC Tournament History

NeurIPS 2019 Tournament

Original results announcement:
Congratulations to all the participants of our NeurIPS 2019 tournament! Gino Perrotta and Robert Perrotta won first prize with StrangeFish, which had an overall record of 464-40 and a winning record against every other bot. Timothy (T.J.) Highley, Brendan Funk, and Laureen Okin won second with LaSalle Bot, which had a record of 444-60. In addition to replays of all tournament games, more information is available in our PMLR paper and the NeurIPS videos.

2020 Leaderboard Challenge

Original results announcement:
Congratulations to Gregory Clark, author of penumbra, and Kyle Blowitski and Timothy (T.J.) Highley, authors of La-Q Bot, who won $1000 and $500 respectively in our most recent scheduled online competition! Hear more in an interview with JHU/APL and Clark. Thank you to all who participated.

NeurIPS 2021 Tournament

Original results announcement:
Congratulations to Mohammad Taufeeque, Nitish Tongia, and Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, the team behind Fianchetto, the winner of the NeurIPS 2021 tournament, and to Gino Perrotta, who won second place with StrangeFish2! A virtual workshop was held as part of the NeurIPS 2021 Competition Track; the recording can be watched here